Surefire’s New 50BMG Flash Hider


The SureFire SF3P-50BMG-M2HB and SF3P-50BMG-M2A1 flash hiders are designed specifically for use with M2 .50-caliber machine guns. Muzzle flash is the bane of any infantryman. It provides a clear target indicator for the enemy to know your position and return fire. SureFire SF3P-50BMG flash hiders are engineered to reduce flash signature by an astounding 99.7 percent, concealing the shooter’s position and increasing warfighter survivability.

In addition, they help preserve night-adapted vision and prevent the disruption of Night Vision Devices. Their robust design easily withstands the violence of .50 BMG, requires no modification to the weapon system and has no detrimental effect on weapon reliability. With models for standard non-threaded barrels (SF3P-50BMG-M2HB) and threaded barrels (SF3P-50BMG-M2A1), these flash hiders are tools no Ma Deuce should be without.


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