National Depression Screening Day


I got an email from Eotech marketing today. Made me kinda mad. I used to be a vocal an ardent fan of Eotech and voiced that they were the superior reflex sight until they proved me a liar.

I opened their email so that I could unsubscribe from it.

Instead I was a little surprised.

EOTECH is donating a dollar to Easterseals Michigan for each depression screening taken today October 8th. This money will be used to help individuals in need.

Easterseals Michigan is offering a free, fast, anonymous, and what they claim is reliable depression screening.

I took it, got my all clear.

Why don’t you take it too. If for no other reason as to get a dollar out of Eotech’s pocket, it is worth while.

And who knows, if you find you have an issue, get help. You deserve it.

I’m very nearsighted. With out corrective lenses, I could never drive, identify targets, shoot at distance, see the leaves in the trees.

No reasonable person would say that someone who is nearsighted should just have to tough it out on their own and accept that they can’t live a normal live. It is considered normal that someone who needs corrective lenses will get glasses or contacts and live a normal, full, life.

It is the same with mental problems. People have foolishly put a stigma on getting help for these issues. I’ve seen guys with PTSD get told that they are weak, or less of a man, etc. All sorts of bullshit.

Just like I need help to see, some people need help with other issues. There is nothing shameful or bad about getting help when you need it.

Oh yea, and fuck Eotech.


  1. Now, how many comments will we get that say, “But the SEALs use Eotech”. Or, “I’ve used Eotech optics for 20 years they have never failed me in the 5 times I took them to the range.”

    • Is your anger directed at that whole thermal shift thing or did yours crap out? Mine has ended up a safe queen unfortunately so I don’t bother holding it up as a comparison.

  2. Well, that was fun. No problems indicated.

    Does that mean I’m clear to go out and buy a gun now? (If I can find one that is?)

  3. “Your results indicate that you are experiencing symptoms related to Substance Use Disorder”
    Love these tests that say you’re literally an alcoholic if you have a drink every 2-3 days. Hell, it put me in “moderate” risk level for tobacco use when I’ve only smoked 2 times in the past 3 months.


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