Mint Armalite AR-7 Survival Rifle


This was shared on the vintage rifle group. An unfired Armalite AR-7. I have always wanted one of these for some reason.


  1. Still need one of those, when I got old enough and had the cash I got a 10/22 but have still always wanted an Ar-7. Bond took out a chopper with one…

  2. A friend’s husband died about 10 years ago, and one day she came to me and said she’d found a rifle butt amongst his things, which seemed odd. She showed it to me, and it was a mint AR-7, which is very illegal in Australia.

    I took it to the cops and they were delighted. Most new cops in Australia have never seen any sort of firearm in real life, so they have a big museum of all sorts of guns to train rookies in firearms recognition. Their AR-7 was a POS, so they were very pleased to have a nice new one for their collection.


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