OOPSIE! Fake Execution Turns Into Real One


You know the story. Girl chasing social media clout fakes kidnapping, brain dead pals use real guns for the production. Girl springs a leak. That old chestnut.

A 20-year-old Mexican woman was accidentally shot dead while filming a TikTok video where she and 10 friends staged her kidnapping.
Hey, these things happen..
In the video, Areline Martínez appeared to be blindfolded with her hands and ankles bound at a small farm home in the Chihuahua neighborhood of Rigoberto Quiroz on Friday.
The mother-of-one was seen sitting next to a young man who played the role of a hostage when a second man second male playfully attacked the pair. A third man is then seen waving an automatic weapon at the pair.

Areline Martínez and several others were filming a faked kidnapping for social media in the city of Chihuahua when one of the people pretending to abduct her accidentally shot her in the head. Oopsie!!
Martínez had previously filmed several similar videos feigning a kidnapping, which she had posted to social media.
I reckon she filmed the last one this time.

A video of the moments before her death is circulating on social media, showing Martínez sitting in a chair pretending to struggle with her pretend captors. At least 10 people were present, police say. It is unclear why a real, loaded gun was used as a prop. Its called “method acting”.

Martínez’s hands and feet were bound when authorities found her body at 10 p.m. on Friday. The .45-caliber bullet that pierced her brain killed her instantly.  

All the people filming the staged abduction then fled the seen. The Chihuahua state prosecutor’s office said that one of the 10 people present the moment Martínez was shot called the police to report the incident. Model citizen.

Deceased woman from TikTok video




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