PRSM Low Vis Jeans


PRSM will be the last chapter of designing and developing low vis apparel, specifically low vis pants. The PR01 pays homage to, but redefines all the other styles I’ve designed and produced over the past 4 years. (V2 / V2X / SD1) As the original owner and founder of #brandwedontspeak, my goal is simple, to pick up where I left off. If you know the history of (V2 / V2X / SD1) then you know who PRSM is.

PR01’s are now open for pre-order and are currently in production.


  1. Any more explanation of these jeans? Their website shows two different color schemes of their jeans, but almost no explanation. Thank you in advance.

  2. Seconded. Do they hide a gun well or are they like….an anti-glow belt? Will wearing them this hunting season negate my orange vest?

  3. Maybe it’s “Low Viz” like low-rise, except for plumbers. I clicked through on the links and I still have no idea why these would be any better than the jeans you can get at Walmart.


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