Wayne LaPierre investigated by IRS


Well, well , well.

Wayne LaPierre

Supposed Gun rights activist pictured above

Looks like Wayne will have a new use for all those suits he has been buying with membership dues, i.e. standing in court.

The longtime head of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, is being investigated by the IRS for potential criminal fraud linked to his personal taxes, a report said Monday.

The IRS probe, reported by the Wall Street Journal, comes after New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil suit against LaPierre this summer, alleging he and other top brass siphoned millions of dollars from the non-profit to fund lavish trips, expensive meals and other treats.

In a statement to the Journal, an attorney for LaPierre said: “We’re not aware of any inquiry, so it would be premature for us to comment.”

Don’t worry, he will have plenty of money from membership fees to fight this every step of the way! They don’t need that money for fighting new gun restrictions anyway, look at all the progress they made in Virginia.



  1. The NRA being sidelined for the 2020 election fight may prove catastrophic. Trump’s win in 2016 was narrow enough that any of a number of factors could have meant a Clinton victory, but I’m not sure he would have won with the minimal support he’s getting from the NRA this year.

      • Both can be a problem.

        Counterfactually, if Scalia hadn’t died in ‘16, Trump might’ve lost. Or if evangelicals hadn’t felt like they had a lot less to lose in 2016 than they did in, say, 2000.

        The 2016 election came down to something like 80,000 total votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. That’s a razor-thin margin. Having the NRA on the sidelines might sting.


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