KB Custom Best Grade Series 70 Colt M1911


I know I put up one picture earlier today, but Karl posted more detailed photos of his new finished project and they are worth posting. Below is a KGBcustom Best Grade Colt series 70 M1911 in 9mm. I am going to say something that might be controversial. In my opinion, Karl has exceeded the skill of any of the old famous masters of custom pistol work. This is a masterpiece. No doubt that one day Karl Beining will be a name spoken of with the same respect as Swenson and Pachmayr and Hoag etc.


  1. Ever since Dyspeptic Gunsmith pointed it out a while ago I’ve been looking for the timed grip screws. That sure is a beautiful piece.

  2. This gun is a great example of how to use nitre blueing as an accent on the small parts – the screw heads, the pin ends, etc.

    NB how the slide stop is bead/powder-blasted on the left side, and the right end of the pin is nitre blued. That’s quite the piece of work right there.

    The gun’s grips are highly finished, high-figure wood.

    This is a gun meant to be taken apart very rarely, ie, not shot much. Nitre blueing isn’t very deep or scratch-resistant, and multiple take-downs will take the nitre blueing out of the screw slots and rub it off of the ends of the pins.

    It also appears to me as tho the slide/frame have been hand-polished to a high level – NB how the fine scratches are all lined up lengthwise, on both the slide and frame. The blueing job on the frame/slide could be hot salt bath.


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