Model 94 collection From the 1940s


One of the fellas on the vintage Winchester collectors page shared his outstanding collection of Model 94s all made in the 1940s.


  1. That’s a nice collection of 94’s.

    It is amazing to see how many 94’s come up for sale here in estate sales. It would seem that everyone and their cousin had one to 10 of them in their collection of rifles.

    Oh, and I can report that a lot of people have taken elk with a .30-30. Lever guns get used here for elk, because come elk season, the elk are in tight, thick timber in the mountains, and you can’t see more than 50 to 75 yards anyway.

  2. I’ve got a Rossi 92 in .357 mag that I took to the range yesterday. It’s a great gun and I have it for two reasons.

    First off, it shares calibre with my S&W Model 19, which is my goto handgun. This has been a common theme for around 150 years.

    Secondly, it looks like a harmless old cowboy gun, not a nasty black assault rifle. But a hot loaded .357 out of a rifle length barrel will hit like a train. I can fire a well aimed shot every 3 seconds or faster if covering fire is needed and I can top off the magazine without taking it out of action. It’s a fearsome weapon.

    I’ve shot quite a few wild boar with this gun in scrub out to about 100m or so, and every single one of them fell without taking a step and was DRT. If i need to defend my house and family, that rifle and the Smith revolver with a few speed loaders would leave me feeling well enough armed.


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