KY Squirrel Hunting 10-1-2020


Yesterday was a pretty great day hunting. I only got one squirrel, putting me at 38 for the year. But the surprise was better than 10 squirrels. While leaning against a tree this walked to my left about 25 yards away. The trusty, beloved Model 31 in 16gauge didn’t fail me.

Getting this female coyote likely saved a lot of deer and turkey over the winter months on the back 40.

And of course the sqwack.

My brother trying to spot one barking standing in a grove of pawpaw trees.


  1. One healthy lookin coyote. Does your squack total include the ones your brother shot with an old Winchester Model 12 12 ga? Ha… Your Eastern coyotes look healthier than our Arizona desert coyotes. I bet your woods looks beautiful when the fall leaves turn color. Hunt coon in the winter and mushrooms in the spring?

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