New style USGI P&S M4 waffle stocks


It was nice timing for me on this one.

P&S, a government contractor that supplies items like stocks, rail systems, and more, have had their version of the M4 Waffle Stock in general issue now.

The first major issued stock for the M4 is known as the “CAR” stock. The “Waffle” stock replaced it, and had a slopped butt, metal bottom sling swivel, and reinforcements that gave it the waffle appearance that lead to that name.

This P&S version of the waffle stock omits the bottom sling swivel and adds a quick detach (QD) sling socket near the front.

These stocks have been available for years from multiple vendors. The one in the picture above I purchased from Damage Industries. Colt even put these stocks on their Colt Competition Rifles for a limited time. Even Anderson had a rebranded version. Some of these have little differences in markings, but they are the same product made by the same company.

So why did I buy one?

There are a wide variety of QD mounting options out there.

In my opinion, the relatively new QD mounts that replace the receiver end plate provide a perfect spot for mounting a sling. The sling attached in a way that works great for when you are moving fast or transitioning from dominate to non-dominate side and back.

The much older Knights Armament sling mounts looks awesome and I love the profile of it. But I have had QD sockets there rub up against my hands and cause discomfort. You wouldn’t think that would be an issue with that location, but I have had that problem. I’ve also heard of cases where it interfered with collapsing some aftermarket stocks completely.

The P&S stock is sort of an odd duck. The QD placement is farther from the receiver than other options.

I’ve only spent a few minutes handing it and trying this setup with a sling and while it works, I would say it is inferior to the QD receiver endplate. Having the sling swivel on one side of the rifle or the other doesn’t cause an issue when you are transitioning shoulders, but if you have the sling swivel on the outside socket of the rifle, it may want to flip around when you are carrying the weapon by the sling with out a hand controlling it.

Realistically, if someone were to ask me what the best sling solution would be, I would recommend getting a QD mount receiver endplate but any of the numerous companies that make one. (Other than Damage Industries, the one I got from them was garbage

But if for some reason you couldn’t or didn’t want to modify your firearm, this stock might be a great option.

I had been considering installing a QD receiver extension on my Colt 6945. I really didn’t want to break the factory staking on my Colt 6945, and I normally run a waffle stock on it. Upgrading to the P&S waffle stock with QD swivel is a big improvement there. Perhaps not as good as other options, but good enough to hold me over.

I had forgotten this option existed. When I learned that the military now has this stock in the system, it got me thinking about it. So I am going to use it for now. I might still switch to a QD endplate someday, but not today.


  1. Never liked the waffle stock. The sling swivel was stupid and only served to snag on stuff. This was during the heyday of the 3-point sling so we never used the basic issue sling anyhow. This stock has some cleaner lines though and that’s good.
    For me though I pretty much stick with a SOPMOD stock and call it a day.

    • I have the suspicion that most people don’t like them because they are the standard. What ever is standard will get disliked just for that.


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