Colt King Cobra Target Review


I put a lot of time in on the King Cobra Target this week. Having enough ammo left over from the Python review, I was able to shoot it a pretty good amount. So let me go over a few points before we get into the groups and pictures.

The King Cobra is in .357 magnum and is a smaller from than the Python. And you can believe that I noticed when I was slowing shooting 357 mag loads off of bags. I have never enjoyed shooting 357 mag loads from smaller guns and this one is no exception. The trigger on the gun is pretty sweet. Not as nice as the new Python’s trigger though. Do not take that as a statement that the Cobra’s trigger is mediocre. I’m just saying the trigger is not as superb as the new Python. I have heard some dimbulbs on facebook groups saying the new cobras and Pythons have sharp edges. That is just not true unless you have the delicate hands of a pre war southern belle.

The rear adjustable target sight is excellent.

I do not do well with the fiber optic front sights. Used to be they didn’t really have much of an affect on me. But I am older and I need a very sharp defined blacked out front sight for precise group shooting. Or maybe green or some other color would be better for me. I’m not gonna put them on my own guns though so don’t suggest alternatives to me in the comments. I don’t care.

I really liked the palm swell on the cobra. Made the magnum loads at little easier to tolerate and feels the hand while shooting for group. No revolver grip will ever be “right ” for me. I’m never going to be a revolver guy. I was born with the 1911 in my hand and I’m not capable or willing to change that.

The gun ad it’s action are very slick.

Now lets look at some groups.

Above is the best group shot. From 25 yards using the Winchester match WCs. That is probably the best I have in me when shooting a revolver.

That is 6 shots, all groups are 6 rounds.

I tried my hand with some double action shooting off hand at 15 yards. I’m still terrible at it.

Head shots are slow fire. Body shots I fired more rapidly. There is no hope for me. I better stick to single action slow fire for the revolvers. Or just use the SAA peacemaker.

Like with the Python ,I may do a part 2 with more groups as my access to more ammunition allows.



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