Top. Men. “No one told us we couldn’t do that!”


Orange County CA deputies have been caught lying on their police reports in excess of 100 times. They were reporting they were booking evidence, but they were actually not – either destroying it or stealing it or just abandoning it.

Most deputies got off with no charges. Of course.. The worst 2 were fired and plead down to lesser charges of willful omission to perform official duties…and got ‘informal probation’, not one cent of a fine, not one second of community service, to say nothing of actual punishment. (One cop who didn’t deal got felony charges for falsifying)

Well, the worst 2 are now claiming they were never trained it was illegal to falsify their reports. Supposedly this ‘lack of training’ is why they were allowed to plea out to lesser charges.


  1. This is new and expected because of the war on cops. They can’t get smart honest people to become cops anymore. The whole war on cops produced this. You used to have to have a verifiable bachelors degree from an accredited university to become a police officer, because they kept having to raise the bar because so many people wanted to become police officers; a related college degree was a bare minimum. Now, they’re taking people with wavered non-violent felony offenses and GEDs, so what is bad gets worse.


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