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How can they expect us to be all EO when they treat us like we are Black, work us like we’re Mexican, and pay us like we’re women?

Comment posed during an equal opportunity brief.

marines are color blind. ALL marines are green.

Well they might be tan now, but they used to ALL be green.

So. . . some of the marines started to refer to them selves a “dark green marines”.

It became the safe term to use.

MP: “Describe the guy who robbed the PX.

Witness “Well he was . . . 5″8″ish, slim build, and a dark green marine.

Weirdly enough, camp guard drills was often based off the idea of someone robbing the PX, but I never heard of it actually happening.

There was a marine in one of my units that would display a noose in his room. He wouldn’t get in trouble because he was a dark green marine. If one of us whities were to do it, we would have gotten in trouble. Here is a photo of him carefully slipping it on a marine that feel asleep on his couch.

We had a marine that would sometimes, late at night, hop on a table in a common area and start on a rant on they need to “hang all them niggers up from trees” and similar spiels. When a barracks duty, or staff NCO on duty would hear this racket, they would rush up ready to arrest said marine, until they open the door and found he was black as night. You would see the marine on duty stop, be unsure what to do, then decide to just walk away.

I think this sergeant did this to see their reactions. He had a whole lot of fun doing this.

On one temporary duty assignment I was on, for a couple of P.T. sessions, we went to the pool. I found it funny when our best swimmer (a dark green marine) was coaching a marine, that couldn’t swim and was afraid of water (another dark green marine), said loudly, “You’re giving us a bad name.”

I’m half Asian.

During our E.O. classes, there would be the PPT slide showing the breakdown of the corps. Something like 30+% Hispanic and Latino. 18% Black of African descent. There would be something pointing at the line between them and the label <1% Asian or Pacific Islander.

I’d say, “I’m a minority.”

They would say, “No you are not.

Me, “There are 18 of you for ever 1 of me, how am I not a minority?

Them, “You don’t count.

I was in an equal opportunity brief, and during the class someone (name withheld to protect the guilty party) said the comment at the top of this post.

Said someone might have said it too loudly.

This marine didn’t know that the various commanding officers were sitting right behind him.

He also didn’t realize that he said it so loud that the marine giving the presentation heard him.

The presenter failed to maintain their military tact and bearing. They struggled to continue the class.

The sergeant that chewed my ass over this couldn’t keep a straight face either.

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