US Property M1911 KGBcustom


from Karl Beining

I don’t offer restoration services, and this is not a restoration, but when a friend and good customer needs help putting together a retirement gift for a man that’s served his whole adult life for Our Nation’s Army. . .you go shake down the safe and parts bin and put something together.

Got the request to find them a US Property 1911 or 1911A1, rough, mixmaster, whatever I could in the time and budget allotted. Luckily I had the sum total of one kicking around. Frame and Slide markings freshened up, 70 series barrel hood cleaned off and remarked, coarse ‘polish’ finish roughly mimicking an M1911 of this vintage, M1911A1 slide so the gent will have a good slide to actually shoot it as much as he cares to, fake 2 tone the mag for extra panache, little bluing salt. . . . .tada!


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