Some Fun With The Pre 64 Model 70 Varmint


I did something yesterday evening I haven’t done in a long time. Shot just for fun after putting a new optic on an old fav and zeroing it. I put a 6x-18x leupold on my Pre 64 model 70 varmint and played around for a while just having fun. No shooting to do a review, no training, just fun. Do people still do that anymore?

I used my pet load like always for the .243 WCF. This is a combo of Seirra 85grain HPBTs and an obscene amount of IMR3031 that I will never share with you.

The old gal still has plenty of life left in that barrel.

Thats a 3 round group shot at that thumb tack at 100 yards. A little off but I didn’t want to hit it, I just wanted to use the tack as an aiming point.

This above is a 200 yard group. Bottom 3 was part of the zeroing. The “for record” group is the 6 holes in the orange. Was supposed to be 5 rounds but I lost count.


  1. That’s a damn fine piece. I envy you.

    Good shooting too. I’m taking a day off next week to go to the range with my .204 and 6.5 Swede to do exactly the same thing.


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