Ky Squirrel season 9/22/2020


I went over the weekend and yesterday and the death toll now stands at 33 for the season.

If you ever wonder what they are eating this time of year, it is hickory nuts. If you can’t spot them moving, you can listen for the sound they make as they chew through the hull to get to the nut. You will also hear the shaving falling through the leaves. It sounds a lot like rain. You can see the shavings in the two pictures below.

Saturday two doe walked up to within 10 yards of me.

My “pet” beavers were out too.

The last time I mentioned my home cold bluing job on my recently bought Model 31 in 12 gauge. Better pictures below.

Bottom has not been blued yet. But the two sides of the receiver were just as white after I sanded it to remove rust.

Self portrait from yesterday.

Not a very dignified way to be laying after death.



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