His Name Was Jake Gardner


Mr. Gardner defended himself from rioters earlier this year in Omaha. He was charged with murder for protecting his own life. Sunday he took his own life instead of letting the state ruin it.

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Jake Gardner, accused of manslaughter for the shooting death of James Scurlock this summer, has died by suicide according to Gardner’s attorney, Stu Dornan.

A warrant for Gardner’s arrest was issued after a grand jury indicted him for manslaughter and other charges related to the death of James Scurlock. Gardner did not turn himself in after the warrant was issued.

Gardner was in Oregon. He was supposed to turn himself in today.

Gardner, 38, was also facing charges of attempted first-degree assault, threats and using a weapon while committing a felony.



  1. murdering yourself is wrong to everyone you leave behind. So, you want to kill yourself? Just check first with everyone in your circle to make sure it’s okay first. If everyone in your circle agrees its a good idea, then go forward with it. You might have cancer or some other debilitating or painful terminal condition; then allowing you relief from it seems reasonable to me. This man was wrong for killing himself. He was my hero before he did that.


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