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Hunting results from yesterday

I give up the numbered entries since none of you are reading them anyway. Took the 12 back out yesterday for a couple hours. I had an experience with some bad Winchester shells or it would have been four. These two put me at 27 for the season. The leaves are slowly starting to turn, once they thin out a bit more I will switch over to the rifle.

Dyspeptic Gunsmith can admire my bluing job on that receiver .

6 thoughts on “Hunting results from yesterday”

  1. I’m glad someone is having success in the field. I’ve been totally skunked out this year. Squirrel opens here on 10/2, the same day bear re-opens. I’m hopeful that I or the kids will come home with some squirrels for the pot, if not a bear or a lion.

  2. Have seen many harvested squirrels pictured by you. If they were quickly skinned, cleaned and refrigerated you have a bunch of fine eatin. 70 years ago in OH we were lucky to get 4 or 5 a season.
    A local hunter who was hunting in a “No Hunting” area of the only groth in Carroll Co. Hid his car not well enough. The two gals who owned the property found his car and his little .22 cal rifle with Maxim suppressor. He never got it back and nobody felt sorry.


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