A Super .38 That Has Seen Better Days


Karl (www.KGBcustom.com) has provided a doozy today. A 1975 1911 in super 38 that has been treated like it owes me money. I’m sure Karl will work his magic on it and have it looking back up to snuff.


  1. Looks to me like sweat damage from being used as a carry piece. The slide touches more of the holster than the frame.I have a couple of guns that look like that. Even daily cleaning isn’t enough to keep my Alien-grade sweat from pitting steel. Or aluminum. And I have a stainless gun with a visible fingerprint etched in…

    I like the grips. Anyone know who made them, or are they likely customs?

      • Yes, you can tell they’re plastic by just looking at the detail photos of them and the lack of real grin flow/lines on them.

    • Spread some Ballistol on your gun. It neutralizes corrosive fingerprint oils. I go through a bit of this stuff in my shop, as my fingerprints are very corrosive on newly-machined steel. I often just wipe some onto my hands when handling a gun during strip/reassembly.


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