Baltimore On Pace For Deadliest Year Ever


.a surge in violent crime across major US metropolitan areas has also been observed since the virus-pandemic began in March. 

Baltimore is back in the news, with at least 46 people shot – 12 of them died last week, according to The Baltimore Sun, citing new Baltimore Police Department (BPD) data. 

BPD data showed a surge in shootings between Sept. 6 and Sept. 13 came in the final stretch of late summer as fall is around the corner. A decline in temperatures has often been associated with lower foot traffic in some of Baltimore’s roughest neighborhoods, resulting in a decline in shootings. 

“Baltimore police confirmed on Sunday that from Sept. 6 to Sept. 13, 34 people were injured in shootings, and 12 others were killed. But the week had already started off rough, coming off a violent Labor Day weekend when 12 people had been shot, two others were killed, and one person was fatally stabbed. The latest shooting occurred around 6 p.m. Sunday in the 1300 block of N. Calhoun St., where a 47-year-old man was injured,” The Sun said. 

As of Sunday (Sept. 13), Baltimore has recorded 233 homicides/ (data via The Baltimore Sun). 

Murders tend to spike in the spring and decline in late summer. “Gun violence” is primarily the cause of death.

Geographically, murders are widespread across the city.

Here’s a partial list of the homicides this month. 


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