A curious case of a gun not being your average run of the mill gun


From Luis Valdes

The Smith & Wesson Model 60…. your common .38 Special chambered stainless steel J-Frame Snubnose Revolver. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all right?

Well, that’s not always the case. Sometimes you need to peak under the hood to see what’s really there.

NY-1… What the hell does that mean you might ask? It means it was a contract gun for the NYPD. The contract for the NY-1 Model 60 inked out in 1987 and it was to be a companion gun for the contract that produced Smith & Wesson Model 64 NY-1 guns.
It came from the factory as a Double Action Only (DAO) but according to the NYPD, problems started to develop with shortly they were delivered to the department. Big Blue and the NYPD had some disagreement over the cause of the problem and more importantly. Who was responsible for it and how to fix it. S&W took the majority back, made them into traditional Double Action/Single Action guns, and released them to distributors for civilian sales.

These guns have collector appeal for a number of reasons. The verified usage by the NYPD plus the guns being a non-cataloged factory variation makes them stand out. Also, the fact that the majority of them weren’t sent to Captain Crunch and made into manhole covers.

You can go to RM Vivas’ NYPD Guns Page Smith & Wesson Model 60 NY-1 for more info. There is a ton of legit documentation, purchase orders, and official paperwork documenting the issues and history of these guns.


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