NY Top. Man. Has Gun “Just go off”


CAMDEN, N.Y. (AP) –State police say an upstate New York police deputy’s gun accidentally discharged in a restaurant and injured two people. Yea you know how they just do that sometimes.

The incident occurred Saturday evening at a restaurant in Camden, about 20 miles northeast of Syracuse.

State police say an off-duty Otsego County deputy’s handgun discharged while he was seated at a table. “it just went off!”

The bullet went through the bottom of his pants, ricocheted off the floor and struck a 38-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl. Protected & Served!

The woman suffered a minor injury to her right foot, and the girl was treated for a laceration to her right thigh and elbow.

State police are investigating. And I’m sure they will find the Top Man not at fault


  1. Lemme guess, a Glock and he had a butane lighter, a thumb drive, his car keys and a flashlight in the same pocket. The gun magically discharged while he was fumbling for his keys but he’ll swear he never put a hand in his pocket. “So we’re cool now chief?” Taxpayers will settle with the injured parties. Nothing to see here, move along.


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