Ky Squirrel Hunting 2020 ( Part..7)


I went a couple times since last Friday. The pawpaws are ripe and I spend as much time stuffing my face with them as i do looking for sqwacks.

I got one sqwack each day. That puts me at 19 for the season.

Got rained out yesterday in spite of having a poncho.

Being wet isn’t the problem. its when the old glasses get wet and keep fogging up. Rain is a great time for squirrel hunting but the looking up into the trees as rain hits the lenses is a hindrance when its warm enough to cause them to fog.

The cicadas made a friendly visit.


  1. I love pawpaws – my great-grandmother had a tree and they were part of summer visits. I’ve had a hard time finding them locally. Squirrel season just started here so I guess I get to do some more searching for them.


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