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Special Forces Humor

A humorous moment came during my tour at FOB 1. While out training with the Hatchet Force and 2 other Americans one of the HF men with an M-60 had a malfunction. While assisting him clearing the weapon it “cooked off” peppering my right forearm with brass and powder. It was a superficial wound but generated a lot of blood. I began to cuss profusely and everybody began to laugh including myself. One of the other Americans put a battle dressing on my injured arm and we packed up our gear and began walking back to FOB 1. One of the guys from the FOB drove out and told me my father (a Major with the 9th Infantry Division) was waiting for me at the Club. When we got to the FOB I saw my dad and his eyes immediately focused on my arm. I told him it was nothing and we walked to the dispensary together. At the dispensary, one of our medics removed the bandage and began to treat the wound. After cleaning it he took a straight razor and began shaving the brass, powder, and skin from my arm. I flinched and the medic took his free hand and pointed up to the ceiling. I looked up and saw a sign on the ceiling that read, “Smile, Pain Builds Character”. I smiled, my dad laughed and the medic finished his work with a smile. To this day my dad and I laugh about that day at Phu Bai.
Sgt. Mike Krawczyk

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