Lance Thomas – LA Watch dealer who survived multiple shootouts



  1. If you are a user of firearms, and you understand your obligation to defend yourself with deadly force if necessary (basic common sense, and decency towards those in your circle who depend on your healthy, happy existence); unless you’re a psychopath, you will have trouble mentally afterward. The best mental tool to deal with having defended yourself like this man did is MINDFULNESS. Get acquainted with it, learn it and practice every day; along with practicing with your firearm. Until there is something else available, mindfulness is the only game in town proven to help people with post traumatic stress. I can attest to its power. It allowed me to get off the ride of useless, negative thought and paranoia. After the defense, you’ll still have to deal with your mind; mindfulness is that mental skill to do it. If you think you’ll just be “proud of what you did”, you’re simply lying to yourself as you read this.


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