Virginia Bans Guns On Public Property During Protests


“The Richmond City Council has voted unanimously to adopt a gun ban on public property during protests and other events.

The new law, approved Tuesday evening, bans the carrying of guns at any event, whether or not it is formally permitted by the city. The ban would also apply to any public area by an event, including streets, sidewalks, alleys and other public rights of way.”


  1. You really have to stand in wonder and awe at the cognitive dissonance that should be going on, and yet isn’t…

    Defund the police. Who enforces the gun bans, and who exactly does the mass confiscations? How does all this work, again?

    These people are functionally insane, and utterly incompetent. I can’t wait to see how all this crap plays out–It’s like the I-1639 bullshit here in Washington state. They got that passed, and now that we have the law… They’re not enforcing it. All those obvious transfers you saw in CHAZ/CHOP, with assholes handing out rifles from the trunks of their cars? No investigations in progress, and no prosecutions even initiated.

    So, what’s the point? They want it both ways… Disarm the public, and shut down the police that would do the job. How the f**k does that work, in their reality? Does it even compute?

    • Sam Francis called it anarcho-tyranny. Commies wanna riot on your street? Well, bend over and take the anarchy, racist. Commies pass laws in Olympia or Richmond or Washington? Well, bend over and take the tyranny, racist.


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