“But muh handgun is too big to carry. That’s why I have a micro compact!”


Frequent guest poster Luis Valdes shared this over on B-ARFCOM. I remember this article well.

I get a kick out of the damn kids that complain their plastic gun is too big to conceal carry

Concealment is an art that can be learned. The MASTER was John Bianchi.  I want to thank the good folks at Guns and Ammo for an article they ran on concealment just over two decades ago.

While John is holding a GLOCK in his hand, what he concealed under his jacket is far more impressive.

There are 33 firearms hidden from view. You read that right, 33 FIREARMS.

Of course it isn’t comfortable to walk around with that many blasters on you. The weight alone must suck. But this is an example that CONCEALING A FIREARM is easy.

The good news is while John probably couldn’t run, he could NY reload like a pro!

Proper holster and carefully chosen clothing peoves that there is quite a bit that can be carried concealed with ease.

I personally do not care about “PRINTING” for the most part. If there is a bulge in my pocket so what. Generally people do not look at bulges in pockets or on ankles. 95% of us never paid attention until we got into firearms and thought about concealed carry.


  1. I’ll admit I started with a tiny 380 and worried about it all the time. Now it’s full size unless I’m spending time in the socialist republic across the river…then it’s a baby Glock. You’re right – people just don’t pay that much attention.

  2. Body language gives away more than anything else. The Chicago PD patrol officer I knew could “make” someone carrying from blocks away, and mostly because of the way they carried themselves. It’s especially bad with the newbie CCW types, because they’re totally self-conscious of “OHMYGAWDIHAVEAGUNONMERIGHTNOW”. The guys who’ve had a pistol on them for a lifetime, and who are totally unconcerned? Virtually impossible to “make”.

    So long as you’re conscious of the fact that you’re carrying, you’re going to show it to an experienced observer. That’s almost a law of nature. The guys and girls who’ve “forgotten” that they’re carrying? They’re almost only going to be spotted if the weapon comes out of concealment. Period.

  3. Great article!
    I also don’t care about “printing”. Everyone’s face is in their phone today. The public would probably take 30 minutes to notice if a guy walking down the sidewalk had no pants on.


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