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Linden Cameron

Linden Cameron

A 13-year-old Utah boy with autism is recovering in the hospital after police responding to his mom’s 911 call for help repeatedly shot the teen.

Linden Cameron, who has Asperger syndrome, was left in serious condition with injuries to his intestines, bladder, shoulder and ankles from the shooting Friday in Glendale, news station KUTV reported.

“He’s a small child. Why didn’t you just tackle him?” Golda Barton told the outlet. “He’s a baby. He has mental issues.”

Barton said she called 911 on Friday for help with her son, who was experiencing a mental breakdown at their home.

When officers responded, she told them that Linden was unarmed and that he needed to be hospitalized.

“I said, ‘He’s unarmed, he doesn’t have anything, he just gets mad and he starts yelling and screaming,’” she said.

Cameron had attempted to flee the house on foot, then one of the officers shot him, Horrocks said.

“Our investigators obviously will be looking at body-camera footage,” he told reporters.

His mother said her son was handcuffed and officers were unable to tell her whether he was alive.


  1. Don’t call the cops for anything you don’t want dead.

    Too many people think cops are the solution to every problem they have. They are not.

    This kid is where he is because Mommy brought in a totally inappropriate solution to his behavioral problems, and because they didn’t want to institutionalize the kid where people who are trained to deal with his issues are on call and on site 24/7.

  2. “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Abraham Maslow The Psychology of Science, 1966.

  3. Cops are a problem, they are necessary but when they suffer no consequences for acting badly (Sovereign immunity) there’s no way to instill or enforce the needed discipline.
    And some very large departments have been notoriously corrupt for well over a Century.
    NYPD tops the list, all of the “French Connection” heroin was stolen out of their evidence room along with more than 1,500 more pounds of hard narcotics.
    No one was ever charged.
    Homan Square comes to mind first, there’s a very long list.
    San Francisco and Oakland in my neck of the woods, Stockton and of course the LA Sheriffs Dept which has had full fledged criminal gangs for decades, the “Executioners” the “Banditos”, the “Vikings’ and more.
    Orange County is just as bad.
    You bet.
    A Captain in the Santa Clara County ( Silicon valley) has recently been charged with selling CCW’s for $9K a pop in donations to the sheriff’s re election campaign…
    Until Law enforcement is held to the same standards of behavior the rest of us are it will continue to be a problem.


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