Rochester , NY gets night of BLM peace and harmony


and as things fell apart, we never paid much attention”

The fun kicked off as usual last night in New York. The peaceful protesting got pretty intense.

last night, independent and local reporters were on the scene to document the chaos as agitator-fueled unrest engulfed yet another small post-industrial American city.

One reporter who was on-hand to document the scene tweeted video of a gang of “peaceful Black Lives Matter activists” barging into a restaurant, terrifying diners, flipping chairs and screaming at people. Apparently, they did this to multiple establishments across town.

Unfortunately Andy Ngo lives on the Left coast so we don’t have his excellent reporting to rely on for yankee-land.

the “protest” started hours before as a mostly peaceful daytime demonstration, with the real hard-core anarchists and criminals congregating in the evening to create chaos while vandalizing businesses and terrorizing people in what’s become a transparent attempt to sow even more of the “divisiveness” that Democrats routinely attribute to President Trump and his “comrades” in Moscow.

One of the gang’s leaders shouted at guests, claiming it was “time to leave” and that they were “shutting the party down”.

“There’s no need to run, nobody is hurting y’all. We’re just shutting the party down,” the obnoxious “protester” shouted as people flipped tables and threw chairs.

Meanwhile, in NYC, eight people were arrested Friday night when a group of 150 “Black Lives Matter” protesters smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on storefronts.

Windows were smashed at two Starbucks, five banks and a Duane Reade in Lower Manhattan, causing an estimated $100,000 in damage.

At the scene, police recovered two stun guns, smoke grenades, and tools to aid in “burglary and graffiti”, according to the New York Post.  All those arrested were charged with rioting, while some were hit with weapons charges over the “tools” mentioned above.



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