Imminent Threat Solutions Improved Full-Featured Trauma Kit


Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release the ITS Trauma Kit™ in our proprietary Tru-Flex™ gusseted stand-up bag, in addition to our industry leading TruFlex™ vacuum-sealed trauma kit. The durable heat-sealed closure ensures that the components are easily accessible, tamper-proof and protected from water, dust, or other contaminants. TruFlex™ also makes the kits easier to open using the visible red-triangle corner tear notches. Once ripped open, the exposed zip-closure can reseal and protect any unused components.

As a limited-time introductory offer, get an ITS Medical Edition Nylon Zip Bag FREE when you purchase an ITS Trauma Kit™. Simply add BOTH the ITS Trauma Kit™ AND ITS Medical Edition Zip Bag to your cart to see the discount applied automatically.

Some might debate the expense or need for a trauma kit, but rest assured, what you’re buying at ITS is 10+ years of continuous product improvement and knowledge in sourcing the very best components. Remember, you might not be the one using your kit; it could be a better-trained responder without necessary aid supplies.


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