Maduro Says Trump Personally Ordered His Murder By Snipers


 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed that President Trump actually directly ordered his assassination:

“I was the victim of the most brutal aggression. The US government… offered $15 million for my head. Donald Trump approved of my murder, I am not exaggerating, and they are trying to send a group of snipers or hire snipers in Venezuela to kill me. Donald Trump decided that,”

“several attempts were thwarted” and further there’s an ongoing US effort to overthrow him.

He noted recent attempts were organized from US ally Colombia – an apparent reference to the prior failed ex-Green Berets’ operation – but also suggested there’s an ongoing plot to kill him.

He said that “now a search for snipers was underway” – though without giving details. 

Illustrative sniper file image


  1. Uh, if he had any proof he would have been waving it around. Sounds like an excuse to crack down on dissidents who might be armed with scoped hunting rifles….

  2. If Trump decides to take out Maduro, it’ll come one of two ways: Drone strike, or an overnight visit from the Ranger Regiment…

    Frankly, I think this is just a cry for help and attention. If I were trapped in his situation, trying to run Venezuela even deeper into the ground, I’d be suck-starting a pistol. He’s got nowhere to go, and nobody is going to help him. Cuba is broke, the Iranians are broke, the Russians are broke, and the Chinese are probably starting to figure out that they’re not gonna get repaid any time this century. How’d you like to have Maduro’s creditors…?

    • It’s just rack-grade Commie blame-shifting. Communism never works, and they can’t admit that, so it must be the bourgeois wreckers’ fault.


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