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  1. Look at the chamber. It has a defect in it, with that larger diameter feature at the rear of the chamber.

    The gun needs to have the chamber re-done. I don’t know if this was one of the rifles where the receiver and barrel are machined out of the same piece of steel; if it is, well then, there’s really no way to fix this short of boring out the chamber and soldering in an insert to make the chamber correct. That’s not a job I’d take on, because it would need a custom tool made (a counterbore with a pilot) to take out the existing chamber, and the value of this gun doesn’t make me eager to pay for such a tool to be made.

    If the barrel could be separated from the receiver, then it’s a matter of setting the barrel back, which would mean putting the barrel into a lathe, cutting off the rear end, running the threads forward on the tenon and then re-cutting the groove for the extractor.

    For the value of this rifle ($300 if it were a 100% example), there’s little chance the owner wouldn’t be upside-down on the gunsmithing charges vs. the value of the rifle itself.

    • If the barrel and receiver are one piece, could the old barrel be cut back to two or three inches? Then use the old bore as a pilot hole for threading in a new barrel.


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