2020 KY Squirrel Hunting PART 6


The 2nd squirrel I ever killed was in this tree. I was with my Dad and was using an old bolt action 20 gauge that he normally hunted with.

It was hot this week. Friday I went at 630PM and hunted till dark. Highs reached 99 degrees.

Twenty minutes into the hunt and my hat was already soaked with sweat. On the upside I stank so much the bugs left me alone. It didn’t take long to drain my old handy 1944 canteen.

I got this one in a stand of Hickory. It fell over the hillside and I had to look for half an hour to find it. That makes 10.

I’m really proud of my own bluing job on the Model 31. From the picture above you can see it’s starting to look like a factory finish again.

Self shot . Wearing the Moore Militaria Tiger Stripe Sparse AKA Tadpole sparse Vietnam tiger stripe repro.

I was glad to see dark. I hate August.


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