The Kenosha Shootings / Kyle Rittenhouse: A Tactical and Legal Analysis PART 2


By ARFCOM User Austrian

Confrontations Immediately Prior to the Engagements:

As one might expect, reports from the night in question are confused, but it appears as if at least two armed groups, a local militia type group composed of or supporting business owners, and a liberty/libertarian defence collective, gathered around a number of businesses along Sheridan Road in Kenosha. One of these businesses was Ultimate Convenience Center at 6007 Sheridan Road (formerly a Shell station).
Three individuals who would later feature prominently in the Engagements first appear here:

The tall individual wearing the hoodie, a blue cap, glasses, an olive drab, perhaps camouflage-patterned backpack, faded jeans and a red-accented face mask clutching a skateboard I have tentatively identified as one Anthony Huber, 26, of Silver Lake, Wisconsin. In 2012 Mr. Huber pled guilty to Felony “Strangulation and Suffocation” (with a Domestic Abuse modifier) and Felony False Imprisonment (with a Domestic Abuse and Use of a Dangerous Weapon modifier). Four other charges apparently from the same incident or incidents ranging from misdemeanor to felony level were dismissed. Mr. Huber received 3 years probation for his guilty plea. From the records available to me it appears that Mr. Huber violated his probation in 2016 and a sentence of 2 years (with a year credit) in State Prison was order, but it is unclear if this was a technical or material violation and if Huber was actually incarcerated for the violation.
The shorter, bald individual in the red short-sleeved shirt wearing [denim]? capri pants and white shoes with ankle-high white socks (this short, bald subject hereinafter the “Short Bald Subject” for brevity) MAY be Joseph D. Rosenbaum, 36. Rosembaum is (was) subject to a life-long sex offender registration order in Wisconsin for his Arizona conviction on two counts of Sexual Conduct with a Minor in 2002. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, he appears to have been incarcerated in Arizona from 2002 until paroled in 2012. He apparently violated his parole by tampering with a monitoring device in 2014 and may have been incarcerated thereafter. During his incarceration he racked up dozens of corrections institute disciplinary violations for offences including Assault with a Weapon, Assault on Staff, Arson, and Possession of Narcotics.
It is difficult to be certain, but it appears from the video that the two individuals, Short Bald Subject and Huber, are acquainted, if not acting in concert.
Both appear to aggressively challenge the group “protecting” the Ultimate establishment, but Short Bald Subject is much more confrontational. He verbally berates the defenders:

(External Video Link: 6MB .mp4)
Short Bald Subject: “Don’t point no motherfucking gun at me [homes.]? [Unintelligible]. [I’ll fuck you]? with anything you got. Shoot me nigger. Shoot me nigger. [Bust on me]? nigger. For real.” …

…and gets in at least one scuffle with the armed men:

During the scuffle he drops a white plastic bag which appears to have beverage bottles or other cylindrical objects inside. Later, he is forced to pick up the bag, a piece of evidence that will become relevant in due course.

Also present in the crowd at Ultimate, wearing a black shirt with a yellow logo, a blue baseball hat with white lettering on the front, some sort of orange scarf or handkerchief, a grey-strapped backpack with red trim with a yellow bottle in a pouch on the left side, and smoking a cigarette, is an individual I have tentatively identified as Gaige P. Grosskreutz, 26, of West Allis, Wisconsin. In 2016 Mr. Allis pled guilty to a charge of Going Armed with a Firearm while intoxicated, a Class A misdemeanor. His 4 month sentence [was apparently stayed]? and he was released to 12 months of probation. As part of his pre-trial hearings he was ordered not to possess firearms or deadly weapons, but it is not clear from the record if this restriction was lifted after he completed his probation. There are also charges against Mr. Grosskreutz of Felony Burglary, Misdemeanor Theft, Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass, and Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, but the disposition of those charges are unknown. Grosswreutz appears to be connected with something called the “People’s Revolution Movement.”
Note: Rittenhouse does not appear to be in the crowd in this video.
The crowd at Ultimate being unable to achieve their objectives at that location, apparently seek to find other venues to articulate the critical import of their views on the human condition and their opinions on the current state of the social compact. In particular, “Car Source,” the maintenance facility/service garage of a car dealership some 300 meters to the south of Ultimate long known as a typical locale for the post-midnight speaking of public speeches, Oxford-style debate, and constructive airing of grievances, much like the famous Roman Forum of ancient times.

(External Video Link: 7MB .mp4) Questionable subtitles hardcoded in original.
As the group is seen in video walking towards Car Source, one of the participants calls out their destination “Car Source.” Another calls out “Burn [it]? inside.” At this point it appears the group is nearly at the Car Source lot (formerly Bert & Rudy’s Auto Service) immediately across from the Kenosha Medical Center. The illuminated signs for the center can be seen on the left side of the street.

(External Video Link: 5MB .mp4)
A number of individuals appear to be at the Car Source lot already, and prior video shows individuals smashing windows of cars including a [black or green]? [Nissan Quest]? with a bat. The distinctive “Service” sign and spotlights of the Car Source maintenance garage can be seen in the background.

The First Engagement:

(External Video Link: 20MB .mp4)
As the group approaches the Car Source lot, a foot pursuit begins in the direction of the building with the “Auto Service” sign on the lot. There is no clear indication from any of the available video what precipitated the chase, but after dozens of replays of the video segment in question I cannot hear any sounds that are obvious firearms discharges that might have precipitated the events that followed. As the camera gets closer a shirtless man with [denim]? capri pants and a red mask/bandanna can be seen chasing another man.

(External Video Link: 5MB .mp4)
In a second angle the pursuer can be seen throwing an object at the quarry. Interwebsocialtube speculation that this object was a “Molotov cocktail” seems inaccurate.

Instead, the object appears to be a translucent white plastic bag and the fluttering action as it travels through the air when backlit from the floodlights of the Car Source building gives the appearance of flames.

In a later video the bag can be seen clearly on the ground.

The pursuer catches up with the quarry.

The quarry turns to face the pursuer with only a few feet between the two parties.

[A shot/shots]? are fired. From multiple audio sources it seems that there were several shots fired in three sequences. My own ear suggests that the sets begin with a single report (careful review of both video angles suggests it is possible the quarry turned to get off a single snapshot at this moment).

An apparent bystander in all black behind both the quarry and his pursuer seems to react to that first shot. Only after the bystander has flown to the right side of the primary video does the quarry, now between two cars, clearly turn towards the now melee-close pursuer. Four reports are heard, all seemingly the same caliber.
The shirtless man goes down. A cameraman in black (revealed below) rushes towards the fallen man.
After circling around a car and flanking the scene, the quarry returns to the illuminated part of the lot.

As the cameraman zooms in we can see the quarry more clearly. Green top and an orange/yellow bag on a sling. The “medkit” carried by Rittenhouse.
Rittenhouse immediately makes a phone call. On the best available audio he can be heard saying either [“I shot someone.”]? or [“I killed someone.”]? It is not clear if he has dialled emergency services, or someone else.
A bystander (who is later revealed as Daily Caller reporter Richie McGinniss, who earlier interviewed Rittenhouse) peels off his shirt to tend to the wounds of the felled pursuer.
While the quarry is on the phone someone off-camera can be heard yelling: “Get that motherfucker.”
[At least one witness reports McGinniss or someone nearby then told the quarry “Get out of here.”]?

As the camera approaches the quarry can be clearly identified as Rittenhouse (note the blue/purple gloves, the orange medkit, the green top, the AR/sling combination) turns and runs North on Sheridan Road still talking on the phone.

The pursuer has [denim]? capri pants, white shoes, white ankle socks, and a short-sleeved red shirt wrapped around his face, but those facial features that can be seen (moustache, nose) when the covering falls to the chin and the similar shirt color strongly suggest the pursuer is Short Bald Subject. The face-wrapping of the shirt raises questions of motive. If, as seems clear, the subject was wearing the shirt a short time and distance before at the Ultimate gas station, why remove it and use it as a face wrap prior to transiting to the Car Source property?

As the camera closes in on the felled pursuer clear evidence of head trauma can be seen including an apparent cerebral flow nosebleed. Twitching in the extremities suggests severe brain injury. A smartphone in the foreground reads 11:49pm.
Several people attend to Short Bald Subject, but experienced personnel will easily recognise from the video that his chances are extremely poor. Later a totally limp and unresponsive Short Bald Subject is seen in video being carried to a truck (odd given the nearby presence of the Medical Center with a clear sign indicating it has emergency facilities).


  1. Good writeup. I just want to add a few of my thoughts…

    I think I hear a handgun shot at :06?
    Also a thrown object a bottle or something impact sound at :05?
    That would correspond with what you said about stuff in the bag he was carrying, so while the bag fluttered to the ground, sure, but the heavier objects within would have sailed toward Kyle and hit either the building or car, is what it sounds like.

    Then that same handgun sound at :06, right after the throw? Because the two are still running, Kyle has not yet turned around, so he did not shoot at that point.

    Another video analysis, done at 8:30 I again hear what sounds like a shot at 10:00 in their coverage of the same clips, but again Kyle’s back is still to camera and running…someone else shooting, just after the heavy object thrown?
    Then Short Bald Dude gets close, possibly grabs and that is when Kyle shoots?

    The NYT also indicates they think another shot took place, while Kyle was running at that moment: “While Mr. Rittenhouse is being pursued by the group, an unknown gunman fires…”

    That bitchute link later does a side-by-side of the two angles, during that first encounter.

    Also appears Short Bald Dude sustained multiple injuries, from:
    “An autopsy found that Rosenbaum was shot five times — in the right groin, back, left hand, left thigh and right side of his forehead…”

      • Understood…NYT is trash, so I understand. I admit being very shocked they actually found and admitted there was very likely a preceding shot to begin with. I normally don’t even read NYT, but found another post somewhere mentioning their review and I provided the link due to my aforementioned shock and figured their admission just adds further credibility to there really being another shot, prior to Kyle’s when even NYT ‘fess up to the fact.

  2. I am not hip to current rioting trends, and I’ve been wondering about that thrown bag, the one you note with the bottles/cylindrical objects, because I found a couple witness statements that a bottle was thrown at Kyle, but another said a brick. I also found an anecdote that some of the “protestors” had bags with bricks they used “like a mace.”

    While a small and undoubtedly inconsequential detail, I still wanted to know why there seemed to be such an impact I swear I could hear on the video after he threw it, and why the two different accounts? Well my personal mystery about the witness discrepancies has finally been sufficiently solved, for easing my mind at least…

    Evidently, the “peaceful protestors” are filling plastic bottles with cement, and that this is common among the, ahem, protesting community these days. Being a sheltered, non-rioting dimwit, I did not know this. So those bottles, were likely filled with cement, thus making them bricks, and both accounts square.

    In an unrelated video, of a shop owner attacked while extinguishing a fire, and chasing after looters, the link below shows and describes what I believe is the solution I was looking for:
    @ 1:08 of video, bottle on steps
    “Gatorade bottle which can be seen next to him and appears to be filled with cement—an increasingly common weapon used by rioters in the U.S.”

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