Eduard Kettner German Drilling


Today from Karl ( we have this German drilling rifle by Eduard Kettner. Enjoy.


  1. Family friend had one of these, a presentation-grade 12 gauge/9.3X64 Brenneke (yeah, you read that right… A rimless cartridge) drilling that his uncle brought back from WWII with a hell of a story–He’d apparently been first into some country estate along the Czech border when the war ended, and managed to prevent the place from being sacked by the Soviets. There were several different families of German small-time nobility holed up there, and when the US forces shifted back to let the Soviets occupy that zone, they backhauled the women and kids with them. In the process, a lot of the portable wealth that was in the estate went with them, and he was presented this drilling as a gift, since all weapons had to be handed in… He brought it back as a war trophy, and nobody knew what to do with it, except pull it out and look at it, oohing and aah-ing at the gorgeousness.

    I shudder to think what it was worth, cased with all accessories and a pair of sleeves for one shotgun barrel and the rifle–Took them down to (I think…) .410 and .22LR. There was also a fancy side-swing scope setup in the whole thing. Supposedly this setup was put together for some family member’s dream safari in Africa that he never got to take.

    In any event, the whole thing was stolen by a crackhead nephew in the early ’90s, and got turned into a sawed-off shotgun and picked up by the cops a state or so away during a drug raid. The whole thing was sickening to hear about, and the irony is that idiot nephew could have probably sold that gun on the open market and gotten an easy $20,000.00 for it–There was an appraisal on it for close to $50,000.00, at one time.

    I can’t remember the maker, but it was one of the more prestigious German companies like Krieghof, but not a name that the average American would recognize.


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