A Fake S&W


From Luis Valdes

Gotta love Europe… this was posted on one of the S&W Forums by someone in Germany asking what exactly he has thinking it was a real S&W.

Someone went as so far as to actually engrave S&W markings on the gun’s slide.

And someone overstamped the “HS” on the magazine to say “S&W”.

Smith & Wesson never made a Model “645-L”. The Model 645 is a stainless steel .45 ACP gun.

So what gun is it? It is a IM Metal HS95 made in Croatia. A gun made by the same company that designed the HS2000 (Springfield Armory XD). I briefly covered it when I went over the HS2000.

If you notice, the grip in these photos of the HS95 have HS on the grips. The S&W marked gun doesn’t have the HS logo. 


  1. no, source or didn’t happen.

    all firearms in germany are fully documented for the compulsary registration, like birth certificate to start paper trail. trust them kraut bureaucrats.

    or maybe is illegal gat from his balkan bratić.


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