2020 Ky Squirrel Hunting Part 5


It’s nice to be able to get into the woods and escape the news for a few hours a day. It’s been really hot as it tends to be in August so I have limited hunting time from a few hours before full dark. So far the game is sticking to hickory nuts.

The pear tree is loaded down this year.

The pawpaws are starting to ripen.

On a side note, if you forget your bug repellent, you can use the leaves of the pawpaw tree as a natural repellent.

My recently purchased 12 gauge model 31 is still an ongoing project as I hunt with it . After some polishing on the receiver to remove some rust, I did some cold bluing and I think it is not too bad at all.


  1. Sure looks like a pretty place to hunt. Second or third growth woods? Care to share where, approximately, it is located? Squirrel hunters, like mushroom hunters can be secretive about their hunting grounds.

  2. “you can use the leaves of the pawpaw tree as a natural repellent”
    do you rub yourself with them or stick em behind your shirt?

  3. I’d use a scoped .22 for headshots on those critters, but I know nothing about them. Is there a reason you choose the shotgun? Are they really skittish and hard to get a good sight picture on?

    • yea, you cant see them well enough in summer to take a shot with a rifle. and I dont like shooting down hill at one when the leaves are on because of all the houses at the bottom of the hollow


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