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Peaceful Protestor Arrives


  1. If you threaten a man’s life and well being you have volunteered yourself as an eligible combatant. If you step into the ring be prepared to win. Or lose.

  2. This is an example of Alinsky at work.

    They (the little marxist/terrorists) want civilized people to live up to civilized rules – ie, “don’t shoot ‘children’ “, and “don’t hit women.” This is why so many marxist revolutionaries in Africa and Asia used children as soldiers – because they’re depending on the restraint of civilized people against shooting women and children to accomplish their goals.

    The way you win against marxist thugs is to take off all the safeties. Show you’re perfectly willing to shoot children who are carrying weapons and beat female protestors to a pulp. Then the marxists will have an epiphany that there’s nothing to be gained from sending women and children forth to do their marxist battles for them, and these ineffective combatants will be withdrawn from the streets.

    Read Alinsky’s Rules and put yourself in the shoes of the radical, and the marxists into the role of the establishment. Once you do this, you see that the left’s mighty theorists never contemplated what would happen when their own tactics are turned against them. They’ll yelp like a dog that’s been kicked – because they have no alternate planning, and an involution of their Alinsky-inspired gameplan is very difficult for them to counter – and they know it.

  3. I will say ironically I wonder when someone is going to take a good rifle and defend themselves,said it this morning before I even knew about this incident,weird timing.

    I hope long term all works out well for the kid,including that he had to defend himself with deadly mean,tough on anyone but especially a young person just starting out in life,best wishes to him.


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