As Wisconsin Braces For 3rd Night Of Violence Gov Evers Declares ‘State Of Emergency’


Reports are people are being bused and flown in from out of state for tonight’s riots. If you want live coverage of this say so in the comments. I have several ways to get you livestreams and live updates.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, after the second wave of violent protests that rocked the city of Kenosha and the capital of Madison, after a video of police officers shooting an African American man named Jacob Black went viral on social media.

The order proclaims a state of emergency in Wisconsin, directs state agencies to continue assisting the state response, and calls to state active duty additional elements of the Wisconsin National Guard to support first responders and protect critical infrastructure and cultural institutions. 

Evers first called in the national guard to respond to the looting and violence on Monday, and he delivered a statement on the situation earlier today.

In order to try to signal to the public that he’s ‘doing something’, Evers earlier called for a special session for the state legislature to consider police-reform bills that will hobble law enforcement in the face of riots and unrest, and as small business owners are forced to watch in disbelief as their livelihoods are destroyed, with no authorities there to stop it.


  1. I’m in for some juicy livestream action, kinda interested in who the tacticool guys were last night preventing looting while claiming to be on the protesters side. Noticed that the main players in the sunday night assault weapon video were wearing red T-shirts, accident? The tards’ forays into the burbs seem to be meeting increasingly stern resistance.

  2. I’d like a Vickers, 25K belted rounds and a clear field of fire.
    I despise mobs.

    On a positive note they lifted the evac order and I’m home.
    Fires are still going within 2 miles so I’ll stay ready to book if the wind shifts.

  3. I’ve decided that I’m all for defunding the police. Let’s just abolish them. Americans will know what to do about rioters after that happens.

    As for live-blogging the riots, mark me down as a “meh.” This is starting to sound like another day ending in “y” in America 2020.

    My own governor put a stop to the riots with a statewide curfew. I’m not his biggest fan, but we went from “riots” to “peace” in a week’s time, so kudos to him for that.

    • You and I are of one mind on this. They want to abolish the police?

      OK, let us give them what they want. No police. None. I want no police presence or enforcement of laws by any agent of the state whatsoever. I like to operate under the notion that people should get what they claim they want, good and hard.

      It often becomes a highly educational experience.

  4. “Reports are people are being bused and flown in from out of state for tonight’s riots.”

    They blew up the Chicken Man in Kenosha last night.
    They blew up his dealership too.
    Down on the lakefront they’re ready for a fight
    Gonna see what them BLM boys can do.

    Now there’s Antifa busing in from outta state
    And the DA can’t get no relief.
    Gonna be a rumble on the promenade
    And the used car commissioner is hanging on by the skin of his teeth.

    Every city dies, baby that’s a fact.
    But maybe every city that dies some day comes back.
    Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
    And meet me tonight in Kenosha city.

  5. At some point in all this, the “authorities” are going to have to recognize that they’re in the midst of a de-facto insurrection, financed and coordinated by enemies of the United States. Soros money, Chinese “encouragement” (why the Houston site was shut down…) among other things shows what’s going on.

    I refuse to believe that the same Federal Government which tracks all the crap that it does does not know where the money is flowing from and to, and that they don’t have the ability to mobilize and engage the RICO laws to deal with this. They are, I strongly suspect, letting this happen. For whatever reason.

    Remains to be seen what they do about it, though. I suspect that November is going to have a lot of unpleasant things going on. I fully expect BLM and Antifa/Black Bloc to be out there burning Post Office facilities and the like in order to encourage doubts. Vandalized drop boxes for ballots are almost certain.

    For those of you not paying attention, this is straight out of Carlos Marighela’s works on urban insurgency.

    • Kirk, the elites are on the side of the rioters. This is a top-down revolution against the middle class, especially the lower middle class. The FBI could stop this in about 45 minutes if they wanted to.

      As for November, buckle up. Neither team will accept the result. Hillary dropped a video yesterday, visibly drunk, in which she urged Biden not to concede under any circumstances. And they are telling us (in their own inimitable Left-wing fashion) that they plan to use the Post Office to steal the election. Fun times ahead.

    • As we have seen from the last four years of Trump’s administration, the elites and bureaucrats in intel and law enforcement are paid agents of Soros, the ChiComs or are free-lancing for the non-US agencies.

      Look at John Brennan. How the hell did he become head of the CIA with his background? How the hell did he keep his clearance so long after we found out his actions?

      Every time the cops answer BLM/Antifa’s call of “Oh, the taxpaying citizens are being mean to us!” – the police are showing who they back in this fight: the communists. Every time a DA lets one of these street thugs loose without bail or with easy bail, they’re showing who they back: the communists.

      This all ultimately leads back to one root cause: The left’s takeover of colleges and universities.

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