Something New From Glock



  1. How will the firearms industry respond to such groundbreaking innovations as -checks notes- optics mounting plates and accessory rails?

    Seriously, Glock had better find its engineering department, and quickly.

      • Or get their lunch eaten in the marketplace.

        The Sig P365 holds 10+1 in the same approximate footprint as the Glock 43’s 6+1.

        The Ruger LCP2 holds 10+1 of .22LR in the footprint of a Glock 42, half the size of that .22LR Glock they pooped out this year.

        Kel Tec sells a .22LR pistol and a .22 Magnum pistol whose magazine capacities are too large to keep track of. They retail for +/- half of a new Glock.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like Glocks, a lot, in fact. But they have not been bringing much beer to the party lately.

        • I own a G43 to carry in shorts held up by an elastic band, or swim trunk pocket. It’s lightweight, reliable and perfect for that specific task. The p365 fully loaded is too heavy for that special purpose. The p365 is not too heavy or too big for concealed carry in pants with a belt; and **unlike glocks**, I don’t have to do anything special to the trigger to alleviate that horribleness. New sig pistol triggers are pretty sweet & easy to get used to.

          • Don’t get me wrong: I like Glocks and own a bunch of them. But Glock is *clearly* coasting on their past victories. They need to up their game or they’ll be yesterday’s news in another 10 years.


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