It’s Spreading And It’s Not Gonna Stop



  1. Universal Unitarian churches jumped on the socialist social justice bandwagon several years ago. I was thinking of attending services at a UU church after I realized faith-based religion wasn’t for me and that my true passion is for freedom; more like James Madison and Benjamin Franklin. When I saw their support for BLM, I instantly belayed that thought. Don’t believe that the moment you find out faith-based religion might not be your bag, that you’ll instantly turn into a Marxist. Our numbers are growing, btw.

  2. I’m more worried about looters than this style of Asshole.
    And I detest mobs, lord for an M1919 and a dozen belts.
    It looks like I’ll be able to return home later today or tomorrow morning and there are always bottom feeders who will steal anything not nailed down when an area is evacuated.
    I’ll leave most of my firearms locked in a friend’s safe for the next few days until things settle down here in Sonoma County but I’m definitely taking my Commander .45 and a few extra magazines with me when I return home.

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