88 Days of “The Summer Of Love”


As two Hurricanes head towards the coast, the Cat5 Chimp-out continues in Portland.

Portland BLM supporters spent their Sunday chanting slogans and offering an education in racial injustice through a bullhorn – fueled after 88 days of political unrest by a police shooting in Wisconsin earlier in the day that left a black man in the hospital, and a police officer knocked out with a brick in the ensuing protests.

To review, Portland erupted in violence Saturday when left-wing and right-wing protesters clashed – after which BLM supporters walked through suburban neighborhoods to demand homeowners offer them “refuge” and shame them for owning homes. Others staged a mock execution with a fake guillotine, flung poo, and burned American flags.

On Sunday the movement didn’t skip a beat – marching down the street chanting “Black Power” to the 73% Democrat-voting Portlandians who would likely vote for any BLM demand that made its way onto a ballot without intimidation (and still will, we’re guessing).

Portland protesters also participated in national outrage over the Sunday shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man who was put in the hospital after police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot him as he was entering his car.

Hours later protests erupted in Kenosha, during which a police officer was reportedly knocked out with a brick:


Portland protesters lit fires late into the night until an unlawful assembly was declared – which was upgraded to a riot (again) before tear gas was deployed.

Criminal Activity has continued. This event is now a RIOT. All persons must leave to the SOUTH,” tweeted Portland PD. “Failure to adhere to this direction may subject you to citation, arrest, and/or crowd control agents including, but not limited to, tear gas and impact weapons.”

Of course the Top Men didn’t do much to stop this communist insurgency .


  1. Just saw that kenosha video. Yeah the suspect was being an idiot but the cops we’re pretty dumb about the whole thing. Just sloppy. You would think the cops would be trying to mind there P’s and Q’s a little bit more with all the tension lately but no.


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