Ruby Ridge



  1. Hell, this event has been so totally whitewashed that even the people pointing out how much it was bullshit don’t even know the full reality.

    Weaver wasn’t “…suspected of selling illegally modified weapons…”. He was someone the BATF were trying to entrap into serving as an informant with the Aryan Nation there in Idaho. It isn’t even certain that he “illegally modified” anything, either–Supposedly, what went down was that the BATF agent involved kept trying to get him to saw off a shotgun Weaver was selling him, and Weaver handed him the shotgun and a hacksaw blade. They then went to Plan B, which was where the shooting started.

    They were notably unable to convict Weaver on anything, which makes me suspect that the story about him selling “illegally modified” weapons was bullshit from the start.

    Basically, more Bush-Clintoon (spelling deliberate) era bullshit. Just like the Branch Davidians and OKC. I doubt we’ll ever get to the bottom of it all, unless the revolution comes and the archives get emptied.

    • If I remember correctly, Gerry Spence never called in a witness or anyone to testify. The lies and falsification of evidence was so obvious all he needed to do was question the government witnesses and anyone could see the lies. At that point in time I no longer believed in the FBI as a premier law enforcement agency. If they would phony evidence for Weaver what would they do to the rest of the public? Seems that the agency’s reputation was on it’s way downhill as early as that. All we need do is look where it is today and people can see what has happened to the finest law enforcement agency in the world. What a shame.


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