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BLM takes a stroll through Portland neighborhood.

Residents of an upscale Portland neighborhood were treated to some late night entertainment on Thursday, as roughly 100 protesters idled down the street blaring a truck horn and chanting “Wake up motherfucker, wake up!” through a bullhorn.

As if this wasn’t ‘helpful’ enough for the Biden campaign, at one point a woman on the bullhorn says “Yes, I know Joe Biden fucking sucks, but vote for him please.

DNC Uses Duplicate “Fans” During Kamala Harris Livestream

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

In a bizarre move, the DNC appeared to duplicate members of a livestream audience to fill out the screen during Kamala Harris’ speech.

Following Harris’ speech, which leftist talking heads gushed over, dropping any pretence of bipartisanship, admitting that it ‘made them cry’, The DNC cut to a shot of individuals watching online.

However, critics noted that some of the individuals seen clapping like sealions were duplicated, apparently in an effort to make it appear that there were more excited Democrat voters watching.

Pakistani Minister Threatens India With Nuclear Attack “To Save Muslim Lives” On National TV

At a moment of continuing top level military talks between India and China in which the two sides said they’ve agreed to work toward “complete disengagement of troops” from the contested Line of Actual control in the disputed Eastern border region, it appears tensions for India are about to shift right back to its Western border once again and New Delhi’s most immediately threatening nuclear rival of Pakistan.

A highly visible member of the National Assembly of Pakistan has grabbed national headlines for threatening India with nuclear war. Pakistan Minister Sheikh Rashid told a national broadcaster during an interview that his country’s nuclear arsenal “will save Muslim lives” should India conduct acts of aggression.

A Pakistani-made Shaheen-III missile, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, via AP.

“If Pakistan gets attacked by India, there is no scope for convention war. This will be a bloody and nuclear war. It will be a nuclear war for sure,” Rashid told Samaa TV. He said only Muslim’s would survive such a nuclear showdown.

Our weapons will save Muslim lives and will only target specific regions. Pakistan range now even includes Assam. Pakistan has no option in convention war; therefore India knows if something will happen it will be the end,” he added provocatively. He emphasized Pakistan’s arsenal of “small and perfect” nukes can be narrowly targeted to inflict proper punishment on Muslim Pakistan’s enemies.

Though Rashid has no position or authority within the defense ministry, he’s head of the influential political party Awami Muslim League, and currently serves as Federal Minister for Railways.

12 shot overnight in NYC

Black Lives Matter speaker declares war on ‘filthy, disgusting animal’ cops

A Black Lives Matter protestor told a cheering crowd in Portland that she wanted “filthy, disgusting animal” cops to “fry like bacon” — as she declared a “war” where militants should “shoot back” in a disturbing speech captured on video.

“This is a war, guys … We’re getting ready to get armored up around here,” declared Letha Winston, whose son, Patrick Kimmons, was shot dead by cops in 2018 as he charged toward them seconds after he shot two men.

“I will continue with my mission by any means necessary,” she added — repeating “by any means necessary” several times as she spoke for more than an hour Sunday in front of the Oregon city’s Justice Center.

“I know you got a gun, but so do I … Go ahead and shoot me — I’m shooting back,” she told the cheering crowd, addressing them as “comrades.”

“We’re here to take our streets back,” she said of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Trump wants oil deal before leaving Iraq

President Trump has again vowed that all US troops will soon be out of America’s second longest occupation in Iraq (behind the longest running war in Afghanistan).

But curiously, like in neighboring Syria, he tied concluding the US mission there directly to the possibility of oil and resource benefits for American companies:

“We look forward to the day when we don’t have to be there,” Trump said during an Oval Office meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

We were there and now we’re getting out. We’ll be leaving shortly and the relationship is very good. We’re making very big oil deals. Our oil companies are making massive deals. … We’re going to be leaving and hopefully we’re going to be leaving a country that can defend itself.”

File image via The Fuse


  1. Why the hell shouldn’t we get oil out of the deal? Iraq would still be suffering under Hussein or one of his equally mad sons, if we hadn’t done what we did.

    As it was, the French and Chinese got preferential access to Iraqi oil, after we spent literal billions refurbishing the oil infrastructure and everything else in that fucking country. Ask me how I know–My unit oversaw all the work done in Northern Iraq, and it was extensive. For example, the water treatment plant in Saddam’s hometown? That fucker hadn’t been serviced or upgraded since it was built by the British back in the late 1950s. We went in, and found that it had never had any of the filter beds (charcoal/sand) replaced or serviced since day one, and the bill paid by the US for that work was in the millions–Not least because the fucking Iraqis kept killing the managers and blowing things up. You don’t want to know how much money got sunk into that place through things like this. Our “humanitarian” projects bills over there were in the hundreds of billions.

    And, we locked US companies out of bidding on oil exploration and development. Genius move, made for purely PR purposes.

  2. Joe Biden the new FDR!
    A viciously corrupt racist and warmonger and pathological liar who has been credibly accused of rape.
    The only thing progressive about Joe is his dementia.
    And kamala Harris is something else again, I’ll be nice and simply describe her as a high functioning Psychopath.
    The Wall Street dream team, nearly as attractive as a bowl of day old puke.

    • Kamala is unlikeable at Hillary Clinton levels. I’m scratching my head at Biden’s handlers picking her. This was probably the most consequential VP pick since Reagan ‘80 or maybe McCain ‘08, and Biden’s handlers decided that the best pick was a lady who massively underperformed in the primary, to the point that she didn’t even bother to stick around for the actual voting?

      Shoot, I’m old enough to remember Kamala calling Biden a racist on national TV.

      Anyway, color me perplexed.

  3. John M.
    “Money Talks” and Kamala Harris is very popular with the big money boys, Steve Mnuchin contributed to her last campaign.
    President Kammie will use the big hammer on the peasants and give a green light (And free money from the Fed) to the billionaires.

    • She is going to have to go to the trouble of winning first, Tom. I’m sure she brought California out of reach for the GOP this year. -eye roll-


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