Misc Chatter – 3D Printed 40mm projectiles, FLEX issue, AK shooting, and the FN SCAR


Work has been kicking my ass, so I’ve had little time to do stuff.

I tried another attempt at 3D printing a 40mm projectile.

A fully printed projectile just blows apart when fired.

I tried making a hollow printed projectile to fill with wax. I bought the cheapest candle wax at Hobby Lobby and I learned a few things.

I learned that the bowl I used for melting the wax is terrible for pouring and that what ever I try to pour from it will just dribble down the side. I ended up with wax all over my kitchen sink which I had to clean up with boiling water.

It turns out that wax I bought shrinks about 10% from when it is melted to when it cools. I didn’t expect that much shrinkage.

Also the wax I bought is extremely soft.

Attempting to fire one of these wax rounds just resulting in the center of the round blowing out and a waxy mess being left in the barrel.

That was not fun to clean out.


On my Mossberg FLEX stock adaptor a little screw in it backed out and make removing and installing stocks rather hard. I added some Vibratite thread locker to the screw solving the issue.

Bought my AK out to the range to make sure I still remember how to use it.

Ugh, was I slow at reloading it. Mostly due to lack of practice with it, but I do believe the having to rock in mags is slow and inferior to the AR magwell.

I started my drills by two offhand unsupported headshots at 50 yards using the iron sights on two separate targets. I fired as quickly as I felt I could make the hit.

Bottom target was used for shotgun patterning. AK round impact is top of the target’s ear lobe.

While I put the shots where they needed to be, I did not feel very confident when I fired those shots. As I focused on the front sight, the paper target’s blurred to the point I did not feel confident that I would make a good shot.

Fortunately the results of these shots give me more confidence in my ability to use the AK iron sight, but I certainly would much prefer to have an optic on any firearm I’d expect to use in a high stress or dynamic environment.

I fooled around with a FN SCAR-16S for a little bit. I really did not like how. . . bouncy. . . the recoil felt.

That made me lose all interest in the platform quickly. I intend to write about the SCAR at some point. Maybe after I get a new job.


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