Manhunt Launched For BLM Thug Who Kicked Truck Drive In Head


Portland PD have launched a manhunt for Marquise Love (a.k.a. “Keese Love”) as a suspect in Sunday night’s violent attack on a truck driver who was put in the hospital after Love allegedly kicked him in the head.

Love was identified by 4chan users early Monday, and appeared to have admitted to the crime over social media the night of the incident.

Photo via Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit

According to a Tuesday press release, officials have made several attempts to reach the 25-year-old suspect, and that they have probable cause for his arrest according to Fox News.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, police responded to a 911 call from someone who reported that protesters “chased a white Ford” four-by-four truck, which then crashed in the downtown area, according to a department press release. Protesters then dragged the driver out of the vehicle, one caller stated. Another told police an estimated nine to 10 people began “beating the guy,” the caller stated. –Fox News

“Investigators learned that the victim may have been trying to help a transgender female who had some of her things stolen in the area of Southwest Taylor and 4th Ave, the location where this incident began,” police said late Monday.

Just another ‘peaceful’ protest, right CNN?

* * *

A viral clip has been making its way around the internet, featuring a pack of Portland BLM protesters viciously beating a man on the street, ending only after a man – who has yet to be arrested – kicking him in the head from behind.


  1. A prosecutor job should be easy.
    All these modern “Thugs” are so stupid they put their crime spree open to the public.
    But we all know that’s not the world we live in. Sad

  2. I forget who said it but:

    We have three boxes: the soap box, the voting box, and the cartridge box.

    I dont think they realize how far they have pushed many to option three and how ugly it will be if that is what is left.

    God have mercy on us all if that unhinged, typical marxist, brutish behavior is were this behavior pushes us.

  3. In the video where some callous people are “helping” him and trying to revive him (dousing him with water) and speaking callously to him, they finally turn his head and the back of it looks like it has some serious damage to it, with a lot of blood. The kick came and hit the side of his head (I watched it a few times), so it seems strange to me, and I’m not sure how the back of his head was injured so badly, unless someone bounced his skull on the ground after he was kicked?? Not sure.
    I know the people shouting in the background during the “help” he was receiving was kind of shocking in my opinion. Whoever did it was quite proud of himself.


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