2020 KY Squirrel Hunting Part 2


Only out for about an hour yesterday but got this one out of another Hickory tree. I listened to shaving fall for a while before I spotted him flicking his tail.

On a side note, ERDL is a great camo for wooded areas in the summer. You can see the Kudzu trying to take over the mountain side.


  1. I second your remark about the ERDL as camo. The Jungle is great for the bright summer and spring and the woodland is great for summer and fall. (Dependent on where you live, of course.)

  2. Ever considering a .22 cal rifle for squirrels? What goes up must come down and you may live in a densely populated area where you feel it is unsafe. 70 years ago my uncle Roy liked a .22.
    “WINCHESTER FIREARMS” dated 6-57 pictures a Model 77 and a squirrel.
    About 60 years ago friend, Bill Gallop and fellow pipeline construction worker told me he could call a squirrel. Of course i told him he was full of it. We were working in southern Iowa. What wasn’t in corn was mostly second groth timber. He put air in one cheek and gently repeatedly popped on his cheek Out came a noise like a squirrel makes. Sounded like a Herters or similar call my dad had. Believe it or not. Apology to Ripley. Things were a lot different a few years back.


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