49 People Shot In Last 72 Hours In New York As City Hits Its “Expiration Date”


From Zerohedge

The gentrified New York City that made the Big Apple the envy of billionaires, oligarchs, child molesters and money laundering criminals from around the world is no more, and in its place is the hellish New York from the 1970s.

According to Gothamist, between Thursday and Saturday, 49 people were shot in the largest city in the United States, as the uptick in gun violence continues this summer and is rushing to catch up with that other progressive paradise, Chicago.

Putting the surge in context, the number of people shot over the three days is five times more than the eight who were shot during the same days last year according to the Washington Examiner. While most of the shooting victims were merely wounded, at least six people were killed by gunshot wounds over the 3-day interval, compared to three homicides that took place during the same time last year.

Year to date, there have been 1,087 shooting victims so far in 888 different incidents throughout the city, roughly double the crime observed in 2019. Last year at this time, there had been 577 shooting victims in 488 incidents in New York City.

Among those murdered was an off-duty corrections officer who worked at Rikers Island. John Jeff, 28, had just left a party in Queens at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning when he was shot in the head and chest.

“Early this morning, the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association was notified that New York City Correction Officer John Jeff, assigned to the Anna M. Kross Center on Rikers Island, was found dead in South Jamaica Queens. He sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He was 28 years old and was on the job for just over two years with his whole life and career ahead of him. He was well-liked and highly regarded by his fellow officers,” Correction Officers Benevolent Association President Benny Boscio Jr. said in a statement.

Neighbors reported hearing multiple gunshots outside their homes, and sources told ABC 7 the killing appeared to be planned.

“I heard nine shots,” resident Raymond Leslie said. “You really don’t want to come out on these streets at night because it’s getting increasingly dangerous.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose actions – or lack thereof – have been blamed by many for triggering a historic exodus among New York residents, denounced the shooting tweeting, “This is a tragedy.”

“Chirlane and I are keeping this young man’s family, loved ones and brothers and sisters in @CorrectionNYC in our hearts today. An investigation into this cowardly attack is ongoing. If you have any information please contact the NYPD,” the mayor tweeted.

The scale of New York’s shooting problem becomes apparent when one considers that just the start of this month marked more shootings in New York City so far this year than in all of 2019, a continuation of the violent protests, rioting and looting that was unleashed in New York in recent months.

As the Washington Examiner notes, “protests, riots, and vandalism sparked by the death of George Floyd have increased the anti-police sentiment in the city at a time when de Blasio has pledged to strip $1 billion from the city’s police budget and disbanded the plainclothes anti-crime unit. Hundreds of police officers have filed their retirement papers in recent weeks as tensions between the force and the public become more strained by the increase in crime.

Meanwhile, as we reported last week, Thousands of New Yorkers have been fleeing the city in recent weeks, citing the uptick in violence as well as coronavirus restrictions.

“We reached our New York expiration date,” one New York City mother recently told the New York Post. “Things weren’t heading in the right direction. What we’re seeing now isn’t at all surprising.”

Meanwhile, as people packed their bags one last time for New Jersey, the Hamptons, and other local areas, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo pleaded that they return to the city, even offering to cook them dinner.

“I literally talk to people all day long who are now in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, ‘You got to come back, when are you coming back?’” Cuomo said earlier this month. “‘We’ll go to dinner, I’ll buy you a drink, come over, I’ll cook.’”

Unfortunately, since he can no longer even assure them that they won’t be murdered in broad daylight, we doubt anyone will care much for Cuomo’s desperate platitudes.



  1. I read this stuff, and, with due apologies to Hillary, the question in my mind is, why isn’t Trump leading the race by 50 points? We’re going to turn our entire *country* over to the people who have been running Minneapolis and Baltimore and NYC since forever?

  2. It’s because most of the people not voting for Trump are nostalgic for the dystopia that was 1970s America, and want it to return. They can’t tolerate clean living, and much like the Hollywood elite, crave perversion and despair. It makes them feel better about themselves, because they want to live in conditions that reflect their real inner selves.

    Most of the Democrats and their hangers-on are mentally ill, deviant and perverse to the core. What few Scoop Jackson types were left have been driven out, and it’s all power-mad self-destructives, all the the way down.

    Used to work with a guy who was a Scoop Jackson-type Democrat, active in the party. He’d gotten to the precinct captain level, and then got sent off back east for some weeks-long seminar/training event.

    Came back from that a changed man. Never mentioned politics to me again, where he’d been a constant cheerleader for everything Democrat before that point. Gradually distanced himself from it all, and eventually told me something to the effect of “…they’re gonna be hunting Democrats through the streets with dogs… And, they’ll be right to do it…”.

    May have mentioned him on here before, but he’s increasingly coming to mind as a prophet, the more I see and observe around me.

    The Democratic Party has always been the worm in America’s apple. They were behind the Civil War, they created the KKK, fought the Reconstruction, and implemented nearly all of the Jim Crow laws. Not to mention all of the other many and varied crimes they’ve committed or been complicit in. If you went back and killed every single Democratic politician in our history, I think we’d be exponentially better off.

    Hell, maybe we ought to add in all the Democrat voters, too. After all, who is it that keeps sending creatures like Maxine Waters or Robert Byrd to Congress? The people who voted in Feinstein and Pelosi are complicit in their acts, to my mind… Once? I can understand that–But, to keep voting for those crooked bitches? WTF?

    • It’s fun to blame the Democrats for the Civil War, but the reality is that the CW was a massive, massive failure of leadership at every level in both parties. The way the Republicans were playing footsie with the radical abolitionists was unconscionable. Slavery was a serious problem, and it could’ve been extinguished slowly over time, but the stupid abolitionists had to kill 3% of America to do it NOW.

      But in general, I take your point.

  3. Call me paranoid, but I think this is on purpose too. Just like vilifying police until no smart person wants to be a police, which makes them lower the bar, creating more incidents to vilify more police; this is not different. There will be so many shootings that they’ll use this as ammunition to ban guns to get power and control of the US. People buy that stuff like hotcakes. It’s self fulfilling. They say cops were bad, then got rid of them. Now they can truly say guns are bad; and hope they can get rid of them too. One step at a time. We’re not winning the PR war.


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