Hate Mail!


Seth says- I was genuinely interested in why I should avoid PSA. When there’s only a strongly worded and quick mention, I usually find some good clarification from the writer answering questions in the comments. Your petty responses devalue your opinion. I’ll stick to sites where the writer actually attempts to provide an knowledgeable response. Add me to the growing list of ex-readers.

The “growing list of ex readers”. So that makes about 5 .

I love this one.They love to imply to me that they are long time readers who just got so offended that they are now leaving. Always from first time commenters of course. I guess it’s supposed to hurt me. In reality, they stumbled upon the PSA or DPMS or M14 article via google search or some forum or facebook post shared by some one equally asshurt. They would never come back anyway. For context to show Seth how much his leaving hurts, below is stats of how many readers we have had this year as of 100PM EST 8/15/2020. So if you read something here that hurts your fee fees, try to be more original.


    • you’re right, some one needs to make a law. How dare I give my own opinion on my own website that people can read for free.

      I got some nerve. Some one needs to stop me.

  1. I love the hate mail!

    I also love PSA!

    Put the 2 together and I am a happy reader!

    Good going on the stats Shawn and Howard!


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