At approximately 4 a.m., 25-year-old Ashanti Bradley and her boyfriend got into an argument about infidelity, according to the report. Bradley’s boyfriend looked through her phone and found messages from another man. Whats that line from the David Mamet film Ronin? ” if there is ever any doubt, then there is no doubt Remember that the next time ..

When the man got up to face her, he felt ( I bet he did)something in his shoulder area and realized he had been stabbed, according to the report. The two wrestled over the knife, during which the man was stabbed two more times in the shoulder and neck. “How dare you catch me cheating on you!”

During the scuffle, the blade of the knife broke off inside of the victim, according to the report. He removed it and called for help. Ouch!

Bradley told responding deputies that she was fearful her boyfriend would do harm to her, so she tucked a knife into her waistband while in the kitchen, according to the report. Well we all know she is the real victim here. Obviously.

Deputies determined Bradley acted on her own free will and had no injuries to her person, making her the guilty party. Good job detectives.. Now impress me by detecting how the hell a woman like that has two men at the same time.



  1. ” Now impress me by detecting how the hell a woman like that has two men at the same time.”

    The power of p*ssy, and the weakness of the male mind.

    It has long been the source of great puzzlement to me just how far the average male will go, and what he will put up with, for even the slightest possibility of access to poontang. Good grief, look how many soyboys will suffer the indignity of being screamed at by their feminist masters, just so they can occasionally get some.

    Whole thing just goes to show how weak-willed the average male is, in our culture. They’re bred to obedience by their mommy-cultist mothers, and never escape the mental prison they were locked in as children.

    Frankly, if my dick ever led me that far astray from self-respect and reality…? I’m cutting the damn thing off. Nobody needs that kind of crap in their life.

  2. As an older male with the power of the large head firmly in control of everything these days, I would be advising that young man: “Son, look at it like this: You’ve just gotten a free do-over. You can dump her and take up with someone who looks and acts a damn sight better. Let the other guy have her, with your blessing.”

    re: Kirk’s trenchant observations above: I have had occasion now to render aid in the form of sage advice to several young men who came from broken homes on the subject of women. In all cases, I’ve told them that the single biggest catnip for women is to be able to give off an air of “zero f’s given.”

    Three years ago, this proved its efficacy quite well. A young man who was one of my students, a very sharp young man, came to me for advice. His girlfriend had cheated on him, and he asked if he should forgive her. I said “No. Cut her loose, don’t complain, don’t explain, it’s just over. Get any of your property back and then dismiss her from your life. Forget her, chalk up your time with her in the ‘hard lessons learned’ column. When her friends ask you about her (and they will), give them nothing or tell them to ask her what she thinks. Give no one any indication that you’ve thought any more about her than the ants you stepped on walking into this building.”

    This, he did. He did it remarkably well – as I said, he was one of my best students. In a month, she was back on his doorstep, crying for him to take her back. I advised him to tell her to leave, or he should call the sheriff. She left, and her friends, contrary to what my young protégée thought would happen, suddenly saw him as being more, not less, attractive.

    Word got around. Several other young men came to me for advice, and I started giving such in practical terms. Two of these young men have now gotten out of destructive relationships and avoided very serious consequences with women who could have ruined their lives. One of them found out that his girlfriend who was angling to move in with him, had a rap sheet, with a felony, no less. I warned him that his gun rights could be in grave danger if she moved in with him. He dumped her quickly – because she had concealed her conviction from him, and was basically playing him for room and board in exchange for sex.

    I find this role of ‘senior consultant’ to be highly rewarding.

    Last fall, a young woman who heard secondhand of my advice sessions with young men tried to take me to task for giving advice to young men, and she played the ‘toxic masculinity’ card – as in “You’re filling their heads with your toxic masculinity!” I seem to recall her saying (with some obscenities in there as well).

    That was amusing. She said that I should consider the impact my advice has on women. I asked her “Why should I?” She seemed utterly confused that I asked the question. So I spelled it out for her: “I don’t know you. I don’t work with you. You’re not a customer, or someone in whom I have any interest. If I’m nice to you or these women you claim that my advice affects, what’s in it for me? Are any of you going to give me sex? No, I didn’t think so. Clean my house? Wash my clothes? Do my dishes? Will you even do so much as just stand there and be quiet? No, you’re not going to do any of those things. So I have no reason to be nice to you.”

    The look on her face was priceless. Ah, the solipsism of young women.

    And it was another lesson for the young men within earshot. Always ask “What’s in it for me?” with women.


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